The loving touch of your hands on your baby’s skin promotes good health, well-being and a calmer temperament for both parent and child. Our experts are accredited to teach you a safe and nurturing technique to enable a positive bonding and health-giving experience.

Baby massage is one of the most wonderful ways that you can bond and relax with your child. By using the correct technique of baby massage, you can help your baby overcome colic, constipation, crying and fussiness, as well as help him/her sleep more peacefully. The warmth of your hands and your loving touch stimulate your baby’s central nervous system through the massage process. As a result, your baby releases serotonin – a “feel-good” chemical – which helps your baby’s heart rate to slow down and to fight any feelings of tension or anxiety.

Baby massage is also good for parents. Both mom and dad can create a powerful emotional connection with your baby by literally passing on not only your love and affection but also a sense of protection and safety.