Certified Caregiver Professional (CCP)

If you are looking for a career option in the caregiver industry then you have landed in the right place. We provide training that has been customised to meet the caregiver’s criteria globally. Being a certified and accrediting body for caregivers, we tend to provide you with the basic and most common responsibilities and duties of a caregiver. The Certified Caregiver Professional course is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care and support to individuals who require care and assistance.

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About Caregiver Professional Course:

Caregivers must have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities in providing care to their clients. This includes providing emotional support, assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs), and managing any other care they need.

Caregivers must have the skills necessary to assist with ADLs such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and feeding. They must also be able to provide mobility assistance and help with medications if required. Caregivers must have effective communication skills to work with clients and family members.

Having our professionally certified caregiver courses can simply put you ahead of the game now and in the long term. More pragmatically, our caregiver training provides you with the opportunity to tune your knowledge and acquire new skills and techniques with minimal cost.

No matter if you are fresh out of high school or looking for a career as a caretaker, every time is a good time to enrol in a caregiver professional course. It is a gratifying career option for people who love taking care of and helping others.

Topics Covered In Certified Caregiver Professional Course:

  • Understanding the Role of a Caregiver
  • Communication skills
  • Managing Personal Stress and Providing emotional support
  • Basic caregiving skills, including assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, Oral Hygiene, dressing, grooming, and feeding
  • Preventing Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
  • Understanding common medical conditions
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Controlling the Spread of Disease and Infection
  • Ethical and legal issues in caregiving, including patient confidentiality, privacy, and abuse reporting requirement
  • Cultural Competence and Diversity in Caregiving
  • Record Keeping and Documentation

What can you expect to earn as a Certified Caregiver Professional?

Having the certification of a prestigious institution like ours means you can expect a handsome income, as well as the trust of your clients when you serve as a caregiver. Depending on your industry, geography, and experience, it may differ.

Course Summary

Teaching sessions

8×5 hours of face-to-face and/or Online sessions


Certificates received directly from the American caregiver association (ACA USA) with a certificate from KHDA Dubai under the seal of the training institute and a Certificate of completion from the Institute.

What is the course fee, and what payment options are available?

The quality of our courses is uncompromised at an affordable price. The cost of the Certified Caregiver Professional is AED 2,700 with an option to pay on an instalment basis. We accept all modes of payment including credit cards, Bank transfers and cash.

What is the duration of this Caregiver course?

4-8 Weeks with 40 learning hours

Is there any extra cost associated with this Caregiver course?

There is no extra cost for this course other than the fee mentioned above.

What does the Caregiver course fee of AED 2,700 include?

The course fee that you pay includes:

  • Learner Handbooks and teaching resources.
  • Exam Fee
  • Uniform
  • Highly qualified and dedicated course tutor with both local and international experience.
  • Certificates

What are the entry requirements?
As long as the candidate has graduated from high school or General Education Diploma (GED), there are no specific entry requirements.

Who is this Certified Caregiver Professional (CCP) course suitable for?

A Certified Caregiver Professional (CCP) is suitable for individuals who wish to work independently and pursue a career in caregiving. This certification program equips individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies required to provide quality care to those who require assistance with their activities of daily living.

Learner support
Tutorial opportunities are available with your dedicated tutor if required.

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