When the time comes to introduce solid food to your little one, the experience can be exciting and very daunting! This two-hour workshop for new mothers is an introduction to parent-led and baby-led weaning. Discover the practical approach to introducing solids to your little one in a fun, easy and positive manner. Help your baby be an adventurous and healthy eater from the very beginning. What happens to the kitchen floor is your department!

Following the latest expert recommendations, we offer you step-by-step advice on when and how to introduce the wonderful world of food to your baby. We will not only arm you with everything you need to know, but we will help you practice every step of the way with each of the following topics:

  • Different options for weaning (traditional and baby-led weaning)
  • Milk intake when weaning
  • Information on food preparation and hygiene
  • Information on nutritional requirements for an infant’s diet
  • Guidance on which foods to introduce and when to offer them
  • Foods to avoid
  • Food allergies
  • Highly nutritious foods, recipe ideas and meal planning
  • When and how to introduce water, sippy cups and children’s cups
  • When and how to wean your baby off a bottle
  • Tips on dental care
  • If your family has a history of allergies, or if your child has an allergy, specific feeding issue or medical condition, we can offer you a specialised, in-depth assessment and a precise action plan to help you move forward.