Our workshops are a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about your growing baby and to prepare for the big moment! Starting from 12 weeks, topics include staying healthy in pregnancy, and what to expect during labour, birth and beyond.

At Smart Babysitters, our maternity team are experts in what happens during your pregnancy and how to be as healthy as possible after your baby is born. Our workshops are designed to equip you with the information and encouragement you need to navigate this exciting and emotional period. Our workshops are timed to begin from 12 weeks gestation and will continue through your final trimester and beyond.

We will teach you about:

  • How to eat healthily and safe ways to stay fit during pregnancy
  • What to expect during labour and birth
  • Massage skills and breathing techniques for labour
  • How to cope with labour and different types of pain relief
  • How to help yourself and stay active during labour and birth
  • Different types of birth and interventions
  • How to start bonding with your newborn baby
  • How to establish breastfeeding – positions, myths and troubleshooting
  • How to keep healthy after the birth
  • The physical, emotional and lifestyle changes you may experience after your baby is born and how to cope with them
  • How to care for your baby in her first weeks of life
  • Delayed cord clamping and its benefits
  • The different means of natural pain relief