Sleep is one of nature’s greatest miracles but it’s often only when we experience a lack of sleep or a sleep-related issue that we truly learn to appreciate it!

Sleep has the power to restore and rejuvenate, whilst letting both body and mind grow. For your baby, each sleep – even if it’s a few hours at a time – is fundamental for both psychological and physiological development. It is very important for parents to understand the sleep cycle of a newborn baby, to help their baby benefit from the precious power of sleep, and to keep the whole family performing at an optimum level of health. It can be very overwhelming when a parent starts to feel “sleep-deprived”, or if your baby doesn’t seem to be sleeping well. We are here to help.

At Smart Babysitters, we are proud to have certified Sleep Consultants as core members of our team whose aim is to inform and empower you to manage your baby’s sleep. This will in turn enable you, as parents, to confidently establish a healthy sleep routine.

We will educate you on the science behind sleep and will teach you practical ways to develop a positive, calm and restorative sleep environment for you and your child.

Over the course of our four-week workshop, we will share evidence-based techniques and support you with practical and hands-on care. We will help you with the transition from birth to babyhood and beyond, to set up healthy, permanent sleep habits to ensure your baby benefits from happy, nurturing and good-quality rest. And – just as importantly – our aim is to help you sleep better too!

In our workshops we will cover the following topics:

  • How to encourage positive sleep-shaping habits for your newborn
  • How to develop a routine that promotes the best quality sleep for your newborn and you
  • How to avoid creating “bad” sleeping habits
  • “Safe” sleeping
  • How to help your baby understand the difference between night and day
  • How sleep patterns change as your baby grows and develops
  • How to establish and maintain healthy sleep foundations for life
  • We know that each baby and family is unique. After careful consultation with you, we will advise a bespoke approach that reflects your parenting style and family dynamics, your child’s developmental stage and age, emotional and dietary needs, as well as any medical conditions. Throughout our workshops, we aim to build a personal relationship with you and your family, so that we can offer you ongoing guidance and support.

By developing your understanding of the science of sleep and by sharing careful and gentle methods to help your baby maximize his sleep, we will help you and your family get as much rest as possible. Peaceful nights and positive starts to each day are within your reach – we will help you achieve them!